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A company's brand is very important. The brand is more than just a logo, a name, or pretty colors. Branding is the first introduction to your potential customers. It is proven that businesses with a strong brand are more likely to retain customers and have an easier time connecting and engaging potential new clients.


So how can I help you find your brand? 
Logo Design


The logo is your initial connection to your potential customers. The logo must be inviting and representative of what you want to convey.

  • Logo design from colors, to messaging 

  • Incorporate logo strategy and branding across your marketing channels 

  • Establish "your" identity 

  • Tell "your" story

Business Meeting

Brand Messaging 

What do you offer? How do your services or brand experience differentiate from your competitors? Your brand messaging includes:

  • Brand principles

  • Product positioning

  • Key differentiators 

  • Target audience 

Keyboard and Mouse

Brand Positioning 

Through market research, we are able to establish where is your target audience. We simply tell "your" target audience what you offer and why you need it.  

  • Market Research

  • Identifying Target Audience

  • Establishing your message and where and with who to share it with 


Brand voice and guidelines

Once we establish how you would like to present yourself we are ready to let the people know of your services by:

  • Creating a marketing plan

  • Identifying key marketing avenues

  • Creating a brand calendar

  • Creating your brand guidelines

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