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Lead Generation Tips

Lead generation is essential to all businesses. Leads are the consumer's initial interest in your product and services. Consumer interest is what drives revenue, brand awareness, and creates two-way communication between your company and the potential client. Here are some ideas on how to create and execute lead generating campaigns.

  1. SEO/SEM - Many companies, agencies, and industries overlook this essential component of lead generation. In the age of digital connectivity, this has become a must to remain active in the digital world and relevant. Please make sure your site is optimized and ready for the web crawlers. Implementing strong keywords, content, images, and more can boost your page's visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing. Here is a great tool to get you started on learning more about SEO and how important it is, click here.

  2. Webinars - In today's Coronavirus world, this has become a sure way to get you in front of people who may be interested in hearing about your products or what you are selling. Create a sign-in, collect the attendees' information. This tactic will become useful for your nurturing campaigns in the future. Remember, just because they don't buy today doesn't mean you lost the sale. Create a relationship.

  3. Social Media - Many people and industries rely very heavily on likes and followers ... wrong! Create a meaningful campaign, release it at the highest traffic time (you can find this in your page's analytics), and track the amount of engagement and views. Also, use the ad tools in social media, create a landing page, and collect that information. Again, this person showed some interest in your product use that information to keep them informed, connected and engaged, and eventually, either they or someone they know will become a client.

These tips should help your brand get started on the right track of creating a strong lead generating tactic and in turn increase revenue. For more help on lead generation, email

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