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Marketing in the Era of COVID

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Let's face it 2020 has been a year for the books. Many businesses are limiting their resources and allocating funds for other more pressing issues. Marketing has either become an asset for some or many companies have decided to hold back on some spending. From research and working through the pandemic I have seen many benefits from incorporating and using the pandemic as a launching pad for alternative approaches to marketing.

The demographic landscaping is constantly changing. More and more people are working from home, behaviors have been altered, and more people are researching and informing themselves of the product before making a purchase. As your clientele changes so do your marketing tactics. Below are some suggestions on how to keep with the times.

Be Sensitive

Many companies focus primarily on their product and forget that the person or team doing the purchasing are human beings with hectic schedules, working from home, deciding whether to home school or not, and learning about a whole new way of working. Remember to adjust your approach and tactics to be mindful of your clients' situation. We are all in this together.

Re-examine your marketing

As more people work from home and the social distance, a company must acknowledge other means of reaching your potential new customers. Allocate funds in a digital approach but also keep yourself updated by reading the local and state guidelines to discover new opportunities to advertise your business. At this point, your current customers are your most valuable asset it's harder to get a new client than to keep one. Marketing is not just about getting new clients but keeping your current customers happy and engage with your product. Reach out to them, check on them, let them know that you are there and you care.

Showcase Your Brand's Human Side

It is important to reach out and make sure your customers are doing well. It is also vital to reach new customers in innovative ways, but it's imperative to showcase that your company is not just a brand or a webpage but a team of people working together to get through this together. Highlight your community work, introduce new hires to let the people know your company has a pulse. Social media can be your best outlet to create a live PR feed that showcases your brand in a new human light.

At the end of the day, we are in this together!

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